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     I don't blame anybody who accuses this "stunt" of being stupid. It was the first thing that we did when we started shooting Senseless because we wanted to start out slow and not have any major incidents. The idea for this stunt came from the Smashmouth video, "All Star", where the lead singer seems to pick up an entire bus by himself. The whole purpose of our re-make was to see if we could flip a bus with only human strength. Putting me in the bus was simply a last minute idea. I didn't care. I figured anybody would do this one. I was strapped in with a 5-point harness, arm retainers, and a helmet. I didn't want any of that. I thought it would be cool to just try and hang on to anything and survive the flip. The stunt coordinator thought I was an idiot for thinking that way. Maybe I was. The 20 or so bodybuilders were successful in flipping the bus, and it was only minor whiplash. I wasn't the least bit bothered by this stunt. The entire time I was actually more concerned with the running naked stunt that I had to do later on that afternoon.