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     I think just about everybody has imagined driving a car off a cliff at one point or another. When I was a kid  my friends and I would "ghostride" scooters and other stuff off of big cliffs near my house. So I was happy to have the task of driving a car off of a cliff. The stunt was really not all that complicated, at least not from my end. All I had to do was drive toward the cliff and then jump out of the car. I was trained on the roll technique for bailing out of the car. I had the car going 35 MPH and it got a little painful after a few practice runs. Eventually I just wanted to shoot the real thing and get it over with. When we were ready for the final shot, the bomb experts did a thorough prep. It was crucial that they time the explosions just right so not to blow the shot.  The explosions definitely made me a little nervous, since I would be so close when they went off.  The other thing that had been bothering me all day was the fear of the door locking itself on that final run. I was overly obsessed with double checking the door lock on the final run (I checked it like 6 times). The actual stunt went perfect and it looks awesome on tape. Total waste of a perfectly good car.