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     If you ever get the opportunity to drive in a demolition derby, go for it. It's just pure fun. I was a little worried about doing it because I was competing against experienced drivers who all had strong cars. And my car was a piece of junk that barely stayed running. I was "trained" the day of the competition. Basically, I just drove the car for about five minutes and then it quit running. That was my training, and the guys told me they would have it running by that night. I knew I was going to get creamed.

    My goal was to not be the first one knocked out of the competition.  I was told that the best thing to do was drive in reverse and hit the other drivers' front ends. The whole idea is to protect your engine. And you're disqualified if you hit any driver-side doors. I felt that I knew enough to have a decent chance, but there was this one lunatic driver named "animal" who told me that I was his target. I decided at that point that my entire focus would be to just stay away from him.

    When the competition started, I immediately floored it and sped across the pit backwards. I smashed one car real good and then my engine quit. While I was trying to get it re-started, animal found me and started trashing my car. When I finally got my car going, I did what I had been told to do and drove to the edge of the pit and put the front end of my car against the wall to protect it, while I waited for a good target. But this didn't work out for me. Animal followed me over there and started smashing my car into the wall. In seconds my car was completely toasted and the engine was on fire. Huge flames were coming out from under the hood and I bailed out of there. That was basically it for me.  I'm pretty sure I was the first one out.