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    Now this was fun. I have jumped off of this particular bridge many times before, from different spots on the steel, but I always wanted to fling myself off of something moving along the road. If there wasn't such a wide walkway along the sides, it would be possible to stand on top of a friend's car and go for it. But we needed something tall to pull this one off. I was stuck on the freeway in LA going home one afternoon when I decided to call in to the office and toss the producers the idea of jumping off of a semi truck moving along a bridge. There really wasn't much more to say as they just wrote it into the schedule and started planning it that day. Believe it or not, I rarely come up with these ideas on my own, and after I hung up the phone I started to worry that maybe I was being too ambitious and might be wasting everybody's time. I decided I would have to spend some time doing the math on this one before showing up to the bridge.

    My primary concern was the walkway. I knew from sneaking around that bridge at night that