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    Driving a semi truck through a table definitely requires very minimal skills. But in order to make the whole thing legal, I had to complete a full truck driving course. It wasn't too bad, but I got a little tired of all the driving in reverse. I just wanted to crush the table.

    The stunt was basic, at least on my end. Marisa was in the truck with me and we were just having fun. The scary part was the stunt guy who was sitting at the table and had to jump out of the way at the last second. This guy was nuts. Marisa and I were moving so fast when we impacted with the table that we couldn't really tell how close we got to him. When we saw the tapes later, I was very impressed. I watched the whole thing frame by frame and noticed that the truck was starting to crush the chairs and the dude was still not completely out of the way. Later on that same day, that guy got launched through the windshield of a car as it crashed into the side of an ambulance. It was for another episode. I think that guy is going to end up with some weird side effects later on in life.