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    This is definitely not my sort of thing. When the producers proposed this activity to me I told them I would do it only if Marisa did too. I had this feeling it would end there. But I was wrong. Marisa told the producers she would do it if I did. We found a basketball court at Hollywood High School and waited until the middle of the day when it was filled with people. Marisa and I were just hangin' out in a van waiting for the go ahead. It was extremely nerve-wracking, like waiting to go out on stage in front of an audience. When it was time to go, I just said screw it and threw all of my clothes off. Marisa was taking her time at first, but then she realized that if she didn't hurry up she would be running all by herself since I wasn't going to wait up. I just wanted to haul ass through the crowd and get the hell out of there. But once I got into the middle of everybody it started to get fun. I just ran in circles, laughing, while Marisa just sort of followed me around. It was a mad adrenaline rush. When we got back to where our clothes were, I didn't even put them on. I just grabbed them and kept on running. I found out later that I wasn't supposed to do that because I ran past a field full of little kids playing soccer. I guess some parents weren't too happy about the whole thing.