Swing Spitfire

* The Swing Spitfire has lost its domination in the speed flying community to the new Ozone Fazer. This is the top speed wing for 2013! *

The Swing Spitfire is a low cell count speed wing developed to achieve a wide glide range. The primary objectives of the design profile are to allow for good glide and low launch speed behavior of a speed flying wing, yet still retain diving characteristics of a speed riding wing. The Swing Spitfire became available in December 2009 in four sizes: 15, 13, 11 and 9. Additional sizes of 8 and 18 were recently added to the range. Other features of the Swing Spitfire include long braking range, efficient back riser control, lightweight materials, high stability in turbulence, and a 3 riser system.

Our Price: $1850 (Be sure to ask about our current $250 discount offer)